Glass Studio Resources


Helpful Links – my annealer and furnace and controls
Advanced Glassworking Techniques (by Ed Schmid) – a great visual resource and reference
Henry Halem Glass Notes – the original how to build a glass studio
Harbison Walker International – resource for castables (Kast-O-Lite 30, Greencast 94, Mizzou, firebrick and ceramic fiber)
Studio Glass Batch – US Distributor for Glasma 705 batch (raw glass)
Olympic Color Rods – glass color, torches, blocks and molds etc
Hot Glass Color – glass color
Blockhead Tools – Blocks and molds
Jim Moore Glass Tools – handmade tools for glass
Steinert Industries – molds, pipes, punties etc.
Spiral Arts – glassblowing equipment including pipes and punties
Hegan Glass – brass molds for glass
Covington Engineering – cold working equipment i.e., lap grinders
McMaster-Carr – a great resource for many industrial items like ball bearings for GH yoke – Wi-Fi alerting device
Protection Controls – UV flame safety sensor and flame packs
Instrumart – control equipment and great tech support
VNC Software – VPN software to remotely monitor & control equipment
Metal Supermarket – a local resource for purchasing cut to size steel for fabrication
HVACQuick – the resource for exhaust fans