About the Artist


How it started.

My glass journey began years ago in 1998 when I took classes from Lance Friedman of Shatter Glass Group through the Art Institute of Chicago. Lance built and ran the first glass studio in the city of Chicago and is a very talented artist and instructor. Once I had the opportunity to work with hot glass, I was hooked. After three weekend classes I asked how I could learn on a more regular basis. He said that he rented studio time and that another student (Henry) in one of my classes had expressed a similar desire to pursue this more regularly. He thought we’d be good working together. I am blessed to say that we are still working together today. Henry & I worked together for nearly 13 years every weekend learning our craft and exploring glass. We each have taken intensive classes and workshops over the years to learn new skills and techniques. We still try and work two or three weekends each month. Working in hot glass demands one’s full attention and at the same time pulls you into a world with such possibilities. Your required focus takes you to another place where time seems to fly by.


From finance to glassblowing.

I spent most of my working years in financial services and financial software until late 2017 after 15+ years at my last company. It was at that point (they encouraged me to pursue a new career ?) that I decided it was time to explore pursuing my dream of building a glass studio. Long story short, with support from my wife and multiple conversations with Fine Line, we agreed to jointly build a studio through a public / private partnership. They would supply the building and I would provide the glass blowing equipment and teach classes. I clearly remember the Exec Director, Lynn asking ‘can you swing a hammer?” So that’s how this new chapter began.


Creation and form.

I create functional art such as vases and bowls and glasses. The first thing that drives my work is the shape. The shape must be pleasing to the eye. Although perfection is the enemy of done I strive for it – but know when to say when. Creating gentle curves and forms is the basis for what I consider a good work. Color and patterning of the glass must complement the form. Patterning with Muranese techniques such as Cane and Murrine is what inspires me with glass.

I have been exploring glass for nearly 25 years and still have much to learn. I hope I have the opportunity to share my passion with you in person as I enjoy teaching and sharing my passion for glass in that way.

If not then I hope this website will provide a window into it virtually.