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Hot Potato Glass, Inc.

The website is an extension of the glass studio without which there would be no Hot Potato Glass.

The goal of this website is multi-faceted. One is to share the story of my ongoing journey with glass where there is much to learn and continue to explore. Another is to share insights of how the studio was built in a public / private partnership with pics and resources for someone who may also be curious or thinking about such an endeavor. It is also an opportunity to share my work and allow my glass to find its way to others who may enjoy it. And it provides links to Fine Line Creative Arts Center where I teach classes.

People ask why Hot Potato Glass? One of my first solo pieces I created in the beginning bears a strong likeness to that of a potato (:-o) and my lovely wife suggested the name when I was setting up the business. It’s a great name IMHO. Who knew it would be the genesis of my business name.

First glassblowing piece by Alan Shontz


Ignite Your Creativity

If you have any questions about group classes, private sessions, or commissioning a piece, please send us a message.